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about Me

My goal is to bring smart people and great companies together.


I have been working in Recruiting for 10+ years. I started my career at a recruiting agency (Jobsgarden) in 2007, where I have learned a lot about exploring my customer’s needs. I continued working for a headhunter company (Next Consulting) in 2008 filling C-level positions in the finance sector. Once I have moved on to the automotive industry (TRIGO) in 2011 the world of international recruitment has opened up for me: I was hiring for the CEE region and was travelling to South-Korea, India and China to find great mechanical engineers joining our company. I have entered the startup world in 2013 when I have joined Prezi, the presentation software company  (Budapest, Hungary and San Francisco, US). Having worked with the two founders of Prezi was the most inspiring time of my life. The no-blame culture was empowering me to stand up and try out new things, experiment, fail fast and learn from my mistakes. Soon I became the lead of the recruiting team of five wonderful people. Our job was to find the best engineering, design, product, marketing, finance and CS people worldwide and build a strong employer brand.
In order to take the next step for my personal growth in 2016 I have moved to Berlin, Germany. Everyone who has ever lived abroad knows that actually living outside of your comfort zone gets the best out of you.

In Berlin I have joined Babbel, the language learning app and signed up for leading the Talent Acquisition Team of five. We were responsible for hiring engineers, designers, product, marketing, finance, CS people and Heads, Directors and a VP. We have renewed the employer brand, have built a new careers page and run a bunch of hiring events.

In 2018 I have decided to become a freelancer. Living in Berlin, where super smart people are trying out new ideas and founding startups literally every day I felt I would like to share my knowledge with them and support them from the early stage on.

I have been consulting with founders how to plan to grow their company, creating a hiring strategy, running interview trainings, setting up a recruiting software (if needed)  and doing operational recruiting work: hiring great people. I am working on an interim base: I sign up for a specific time period or for a project and leave once the work is done.

Structure is everything

There is no such thing like not being able to fill a position.

In case you have clear hiring criteria,  a structured process and clear hiring roles you will be able to fill every position and I am happy to help you with it!





Talent AcquisItion


Recruiters are the gatekeepers of the company, we have a huge responsibility in shaping the company culture, therefore it is extremely important to be alinged about the company values/culture/goals with the founders/management. As a consultant I work closely with them, exploring the needs of the company, coaching Hiring Managers how to build teams among the entire recruiting process.


Consultancy in recruiting related topics

  • Recruiting strategy

  • Interim Recruitment / Headhunting / Talent Acquisition

  • Building an HR / Recruiting/ Talent Acquisition Team

Recruitment process management

Recruiting is extremely time consuming, right? Well, not necessarily.

You need a structured hiring process, clear hiring criteria and well defined interviewer roles.

I am happy to show you how to set up those.

  • Setting up a recruitment process from scratch

  • Monitoring and developing the existing recruitment process

  • Selecting and implementing the recruiting tools (Sourcing Platforms, Recruiting Software, Job boards)

  • Selecting recruiting vendors (Headhunter, Recruiting Agency)

Interview Training

While working with companies my goal is to make myself redundant: teaching Hiring Teams how to set up an efficient recruitment process and how to lead successful interviews with great candidate experience in order to find the best fitting candidate for the position.

  • Interview skills training for Hiring Teams about how to lead and evaluate a job interview successfully

Employer Branding

Why should the candidate experience be different from the customer experience? What is the message you would like to share with the world about your company as an employer? Creating and managing an employer brand is key in order to target the right people for your company.

  • Building an Employer Brand and setting up an Employer Branding Strategy

  • Creating a career’s page

  • Social Media Marketing for Employer Branding (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)






Career Coaching

In career coaching sessions we are focusing on the individual’s personality, skills and personal goals, regardless of the work experience we explore what is the best job to your personality and set up a plan how to get there.


Leadership Coaching

What does it mean to manage people? Do they actually need to be managed? Or do they need something else? Being a leader means to get the most out of your people and the focus is on the how.

Management coaching: discovering how to motivate / grow employees and keep them happy on long term.




What my Clients Say:

I worked with Rita in finding Babbel’s new VP of Didactics. It was a demanding search since there are rather view eligible candidates who have the language learning expertise, the digital product experience and the strategic acumen that we were looking for. We not only find a great fit for this role but we even extended the position to Chief Product Officer – a great addition to the senior management team that had and has a tremendous impact for the company.

Rita did this in her in-house position and worked with me and with various people from the didactics team. She handled the search extremely well in a way comparable to what you would expect from a top-notch search firm.
— Markus Witte, CEO at Babbel

Rita took over temporarily the recruiting at Taxfix for 9 months. Unlike anyone she has a great understanding of people and a very friendly personality - a super important trait in recruiting. At the same time, she is structured and result-oriented in her work and delivers results. She was the perfect interim solution for recruiting at Taxfix and brought us many outstanding people. I would work with her again any day.
— Mathis Büchi, Co-Founder & CEO of Taxfix

If you want to jazz up your team and you want to hire bunch of people with an amazing speed then you shall work with Rita. Her energy, positive attitude and focus helped us to build an amazing team in Prezi.
— Péter Halácsy, CEO at Budapest School & Co-Founder at Prezi

I had the pleasure to work with Rita. She was my Manager for around 2 years.
Rita combines her numerous talents and skills in every task she takes part in. It doesn’t matter in what kind of field she works, she always does her best to get things done. Rita knows how to work with people and how to create a great atmosphere for a team and company. She makes the whole recruitment process very simple and straightforward. If you are looking for a reliable, considerate service and a recruiter who genuinely care about your applications, I would recommend working with Rita.
She has a unique ability to be detail orientated, hardworking and creative all at the same time. I’d wish everyone to have such a team lead!
— Lyudmila Barabash, Junior Software Engineer at Babbel



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